I'm A Veteran, Should I Get Certified?

You've served your country honorably and now you are a small business owner. You're now trying to figure out if certifying your business as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) is right for you. So what exactly is the certification about and how does it benefit my business?

A service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) is a small business that is 51% unconditionally owned and controlled by a service-disabled veteran. SDVOSBs are given some important preferences in government contracting. The most significant of these preferences is at the Department of Veterans Affairs: the VA must, in some cases, set aside work for either SDVOSBs. In other cases, the VA can award SDVOSBs sole source contracts. For non-VA agencies, SDVOSBs are entitled to a contracting preferenc and helping large prime contractors reach their subcontracting goals. Non-VA agencies, however, can set aside solicitations for SDVOSBs, and issue sole source awards to SDVOSBs in limited circumstances.

Overall, the government aims to award at least 3% of prime contract dollars annually to SDVOSBs. The government surpassed that goal in Fiscal Year 2016, awarding SDVOSBs contracts worth more than $16 billion.

So you are you still asking how does it benefit your business? If you're interested in seeing if you qualify contact Power Forward Woman LLC today by email or phone at star@powerforwardwoman.com or 214-702-9439.

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