Become a Chapter Leader 

Are you a woman with strong leadership skills?  Do you have the ability to empower and inspire women from diverse backgrounds?  If that woman is you we are looking for women to start PFW Chapters across America.  We are ready to take the world by storm and need you to help spread the message. We believe that it is important that we build strong relationships and support systems among women in an effort to increase awareness on topics such as financial responsibility, entrepreneurship, education, and so much more.  

As a chapter leader, you are a liaison to your chapter's members, your community and a representative of Power Forward Woman.  It is, therefore, important for you and all other chapter leaders to familiarize yourself with the organizational and operational structure of your chapter and PFW. 

Become a PFW Chapter Lead Today and see how you can change the lives of so many women!  Contact us today to find out more information so that you can become a leader in the Power Forward Woman Movement!  

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